www.iTunes.com After updating my iPad2 to iOS 7.1.2 I updated iTunes to!) on my Windows 8.1 64-bit PC. I opened iTunes on my PC and then plugged in my Apple Sync Cable to my PC and then plugged in the 30 pin connector to my iPad2. I can hear the connection tune play but within a few seconds I will hear the disconnection tune. My will not show up in iTunes at all like it did before the updates. I've tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the 64-Bit version of iTunes( labeled on the Apple.com website. But still nothing. I checked my Device Managed on my PC and my iPad2 is listed. The Software Manager lists the iTunes Program as 32-Bit. That's why I tried the uninstall and reinstall twice each. Is Apple downloading the 32-Bit version in place of the 64-Bit version I wondered? www.iTunes.com On a second WIN 8.1 PRO/64-Bit PC iTunes is syncing fine with an iOS7.1.2 updated iPod Touch 5G. Has Apple dropped support in iTunes for the iPad2? Im having the same problem with my ipod since the update. Ive been searching the internet for any info I can find on this and so far this is the only thing ive found. Im not going to try reinstalling and all that because from what ive seen its been unsuccessful. Im wondering if this is some kind of glitch in the new update they havent recognized or something? I have a 7th generation nano. But in summary, www.iTunes.com with the device connected, on windows 8.1 open up device manager, navigate to 'portable devices', right click on the device (in my case iPhone), choose update driver and then browse to 'c:\program files\common files\apple\mobile device support\drivers. Select ok, it will hopefully update the driver. Restart your machine, fire up iTunes and then dock the device again. When I go into iTunes on my PC and click my library music, ythen click on the songs, there is no volume. The volume is actually turned all the way up on the I tunes screne ( upper left hand corner) The songs that I click on are highlighted, but I cannot hear them play. This is new problem because they had volume to them in the past. The only other thing I have noticed is that when I click on my volume button on the lower rt hand side of my computer screne. It says "Mixer" under the volume button-but that is also turned all the way up. Any suggestions on how I can get the volume on again? Thanks. I can no longer use iTunes now. It just crashes every time I try to sign into the store. www.iTunes.com This is ridiculous - don't they quality control before sending out updates? No wonder Apple is going down the crapper. Expensive junk. This is a problem that began for me within the past couple of months. At first I would open iTunes, it would begin accessing the iTunes store and then give the message "iTunes has stopped working", and then I would have to restart iTunes once or twice and everything worked fine. Then my short-term remedy stopped working and I instead began opening the preferences menu under Edit for a couple of seconds to prevent the thing from shutting down. Now I can't even do that, though a few moments ago I signed out of my Apple ID, which stops iTunes from accessing the store. Most everything works fine now, except for the fact that I can't sign in. I'm also on Windows 7. I'm not entirely sure when it started happening, but for some reason, every time I update an app on my iPhone and then go to sync it with iTunes, the new, updated apps are not automatically syncing like they did before. Normally, www.iTunes.com I would just hit "sync" and the "new purchases" (updates, really) would just automatically be transferred at the end of the sync. Now if I want to copy them into iTunes, I must go to File > Devices > Transfer Purchases. I'm using iTunes on Windows 7 Ultimate. iPhone 5 running iOS 7.1.2 I have tried everything that I know how to resolve this issue, and there seems to be nothing else about this anywhere I've looked online.

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