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Copyright 2012, All rights reserved Everytime I put a CD into my PC, the music on the CD automatically goes to iTunes format. I dont want this to happen. How can I change that? I have just purchased a new HP Pavillon with OS windows 10 and find that I cannot get this computer authorised in iTunes. I am using the most recent version of iTunes12.3.2 for Windows (64 bit). I have only one other older computer that has been authorised in iTunes. Does anyone know how to get Windows 10 OS authorised? I have a different computer and did not transfer my music. How can I get it so I can put it on my new computer? I am trying to burn an audio cd but all that I am able to burn is MP3 cd’s. How can i once again burn audio cd’s? There are a handful of songs in my Music folder which appear to have no metadata, yet are showing artists, albums etc. when played in iTunes. How do I resolve this issue so the metadata is seen in both iTunes and in my Music folder? Thanks The ID3 specification allow files to have multiple tags in different versions and languages, but iTunes only works properly with single tags. When multiple tags are present it can sometimes fail to apply updates to the tag that it reads back (presumably updating one of the others in the file) and it is also possible that iPod & iTunes may have different rules for which tag they give priority to. This could lead to situations in which everything is properly organised in iTunes but then inexplicably falls apart on an iPod, or tracks that display different information in Windows Explorer or another media player. There are 3rd party tag editors that can manipulate multiple tags but I don’t have a recommendation offhand. A workaround in iTunes is to use right-click context menu Convert ID3 Tags… > None a few times to remove all existing tags and then Convert ID3 Tags… > v2.3 to build a fresh tag with the information still held in the iTunes database. I’ve read in the past that iTunes isn’t fully compliant with the v2.4 spec. although this may no longer be the case, however support for v2.3 is widespread so I would suggest using v2.3 over v2.4. Any embedded artwork will be removed so this needs to be replaced if wanted. Running a script called CreateFolderArt before and after the tag cleaning process should manage this. Ever since I updated the OS to 10.11 (El Capitan), I cannot read or write disks any longer with the LG Model GP60NB50. The drive works well otherwise. The issue seems to be related directly to OS 10.11. I have successfully tested the drive on a Mac that was not updated yet and it works.